Wednesday, April 1, 2020


To say that Ralph Borsodi was a pioneer is what we today call the sustainability movement is an understatement.  His list of accomplishments is long and impressive.  Unfortunately they were largely lost.  
Bill Sharp and Bob Flatley, founders of Transition Centre, undertook to restore that legacy and we have done our best.  
April 1, 2020 was the centenary of the Borsodi’s founding their pioneering homestead at Suffern, New York.  Transition Centre undertook to commemorate that event.  This blog represents a running update as chapters were completed. That objective, two volumes, have been completed, the second on the 101st anniversary of the Borsodi's founding their homestead in New York, April 1, 2021: 
Ralph Borsodi, A Confident Future:  Learning and Living is available for downloading at this link.
Ralph Borsodi, A Confident Future:  The Green Revolution is available for downloading at this link
Due to the contingencies of the 2020 pandemic, these should be considered beta drafts.  They are complete but some sections still need a final professional edit.  For now, we feel it is important to get this material available for use by anyone who so chooses.   

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