Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Ralph Borsodi was a pioneer is what we today call the sustainability movement.
In 1920 following World War I, in the final year of the Spanish Flu pandemic and with a deepening recession, Borsodi and his family begin an experiment in self-sufficient living.  At the depths of the Great Depression he established homesteading communities and a school to help people learn the skills and develop an understanding of a different way of life, a healthier and more secure life.  He spent another forty highly productive years developing his system. 
Borsodi’s accomplishments, as you will see in the Introduction ("Legacy"), were remarkable.  They include organic gardening, appropriate technology, land trusts, local currency and other things.  Because his work is foundational to resilient communities, Transition Centre has been working to restore his legacy.  
April is the centenary of the Borsodi’s founding their pioneering homestead at Suffern, New York.  Transition Centre had long planned to commemorate that event and annouce our goal to restore the Borsodi legacy by the end of 2020.  
We will begin by posting four chapters:
·      The Legacy of Ralph Borsodi that will summarize his remarkable accomplishments.
·      Early life – as much as we have of early biographical material.
·      Homesteading:  A description of his homesteading experiment during the 1920s.
·      The School of Living from its founding in 1934

This series continues with a summary of Borsodi's foundational philosophy of Decentralist. 
To complete the story are three pages, each with a series of post.  The first is a summary of Borsodi's work on education, a book-length series.  The second is a review of Borsodi's seminal economic theory.  The third completes the story of the homesteading/personal independence model that includes Borsodi's development of the land trust, local currency and a review of Mildred's Loomis' decades of dedicated service to the School of Living.
Borsodi’s work has been a cornerstone of Transition Centre since its founding in 2009.  Our intent is to not only restore the legacy but to bring it up to date and make it more accessible for those who find promise in this approach to life.  
With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, massive layoffs and deepening recession we believe this material could be of value to many seeking a more secure, a more confident, future.  That was Borsodi’s objective.
Bill Sharp, Director, Transition Centre © 2020